In order to make your time with Donna a more relaxed and pleasurable experience,please follow a few simple guidelines and courtesies.

Preferred Clients

  • Clients who are short on the phone/text/emails. Please do not require long phone calls or extensive texting or emailing. Let me know‚  your name, how long, when and where. And the best way to verify you.‚  I prefer spending time with my clients in person not by phone or answering many unnecessary text/emails.

    Examples of verifications:
    a. White listed on
    b. Verified on
    c. Verified on
    d. Being Googleable. Have a business website with your cell/email on that internet site.
    f. Allowing me to discretely call your work and by getting connected to you through an operator I can verify that you do not work at the police station.

  • Clients who review my website before calling. A client who knows something about me. Especially my rates.
  • Clients who respect my rates.
  • Clients who do not need to know the menu. Who is more focused on our experience and our connection instead.
  • Clients who are on time with no short notice changes or cancellations.
  • Clients who either shows up clean or asks to get cleaned up. (I have fresh towels and mouthwash and whatever is needed at my incall)
  • Clients who are aware of the length of time.
  • Repeat Clients!

Bad Clients

  • Clients who calls, texts or emails back and forth. I will just get tired and overwhelmed...
  • Clients who asks immature questions like: Can you send me a picture of you naked? What‚´s up? Wanna hang out? Can I be your slave and move in? Is that you in the pictures? Want to trade with drugs? You live in a hotel? Want to come to my car? I can help you get clients among my black friends. I have $20, can I come over? What is your name? How much? I want to marry you and have a baby, how much would that be? Can you play with me and my mom? Can you come to my office and kidnap me? I've heard it all.
  • Clients who does not know who they are calling or asks questions which are answered on my website. Good example are my rates!!
  • Clients who want to know exactly what I do or not do. I will not answer these questions at all.
  • Clients who cancel one hour or less before an appointment. Clients who do not show up. Clients who are "no shows", will NOT be given a second chance unless I really believe they had a very good reason. Be aware that many escorts share of list of their no shows!
  • Clients who thinks he is clean in the afternoon because he showered in the morning. A fifteen minute car ride on a hot day can be enough to make anyone sweaty.
  • Clients who try to negotiate the rates, or don't bring the full donation with the intent to try to pay less.
  • Clients who will try to stay longer without initially booking it.